We wanted to help

We are a group of developers and customer service experts that got together to find a way to help companies to improve their customer service and eliminate basic tasks from the hands of their staff. That’s how Chatbotgenerator was born.


From idea to reality

The challenge was to support companies in their growth by leveraging technology.

From the beginning our mission was to find a way to support companies in their growth, the solution needed to be:

  • Easy to use, we want you to focus on the solution you are implementing and no the how.
  • Reliable, once the chatbot is deployed it will be there until you decide otherwise.
  • Affordable, we run everything in our cloud and keep costs low.
  • Enable people with no programming skills to create smart agents capable of have conversations with users.

Artificial Intelligence  can support the growing of businesses, the tools we created help companies to start leveraging that technology.

We are here to help

Are chatbots the answer?

Chatbots are growing in popularity, the level of adoption amount your users depends on their demographics and use cases, we can help you determine if Chatbots are the right answer for your company or we will provide you with other options.

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