MongoDB was having a lot of success with live chat, but like all humans, their salespeople were limited by things like “time” and “space.” They couldn’t significantly increase the number of conversations they were having without significantly increasing the size of their team.

As their director of demand generation puts it:

“We needed a messaging tool that could scale with our business and increase the volume of our conversations, leading to the increase of our pipeline and Sales Accepted Leads (SALs)—the metrics my Demand Generation team are measured on.”

For MongoDB, automating lead-qualifying conversations allowed them to have more conversations, and automating the scheduling process let them turn more of those conversations into leads.

Less than three months after making the switch to chatbots,  Andrew has seen the number of leads his team is capturing via conversations double.

Net new leads have increased by 70%, while opportunities have increased by 170%.

Overall, Andrew’s team has more than doubled their messaging-influenced pipeline in less than three months.

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