RapidMiner went all-in—they replaced every lead capture form on their site with a chatbot. (Even for their whitepapers!) RapidMiner realized that automated conversations could filter and qualify leads in minutes, whereas a sequential email campaign could take weeks.

For CMO Tom Wentworth, the change was about understanding why people came to RapidMiner’s site:

“People who come to our website aren’t coming there because they want to surf our site, they’re coming there because they have a specific problem, whether it’s a question about our product or what it does, whether it’s some technical support they need, or whether it’s they want to talk to someone in sales.”

Chatbots made it possible to address the reasons people came to RapidMiner.com without bombarding the sales team with unqualified leads. In an article on the Harvard Business Review, RapidMiner shared:

“The bot now conducts about a thousand chats per month. It resolves about two-thirds of customer inquiries; those that it cannot, it routes to humans.”

Wentworth went on to say, “It’s the most productive thing I’m doing in marketing.”

The chatbot asked visitors the same questions salespeople would’ve asked—and it never sleeps, so leads trickle in 24/7. So far, it’s brought in over 4,000 leads, influenced 25% of their open sales pipeline, and accounted for 10% of all new sales.

This case study provides some helpful insights into the differences between a chatbot and a live chat service, but it’s worth noting: ditching forms altogether is a pretty drastic step.


Key results:

  • 4,000 leads generated by chatbots
  • 25% of sales pipeline was influenced by chatbot

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