Small Businesses Solution

Introduce your business to the future of customer service. We made it easy for you to build and deploy awesome chatbots.

Introducing ChatbotGenerator for Small Businesses

We wanted to bring all the power that enables big companies to build automated dialogs without the hard programming… here it is!
Starting at $99/month

Chatbot Builder

Create dialogs easily, powered by the same Artificial Intelligence that powers Amazon’s Alexa

Lead Generation

Let your awesome chatbot to collect user’s info for you to review and follow up.


See how well your Agent is doing, what your users are asking about and what can be improved.

Introducing ChatbotGenerator for Small Businesses


Our billing system is based on the use of our product. We charge for every 1000 messages replied by the chatbot.

On demand Service

$ 19.99 /thousand messages

30 days free trial
Full Customer Support
Capture Customer Leads
$19.99 every 1000 messages answered by the chatbot
Minimum payment of $49.99/month

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